It’s Played Out!

Your rhymes and your reasons and your double talk, everybody has heard it all too many times before! And now I’m turning in to the odd man out as life starts to move on. Focusing on what doesn’t matter instead of dealing with what does and another summer approaches and another September 9th and thirty-eight gets nearer! I just need to block out everything, give up the one thing I need too and focus on the future! I need to stop worrying about it so much and just let it happen! If I don’t, I have a real bad feeling what is about to happen next isn’t going to be good! I keep saying it over and over again, sure doesn’t seem like it’s that hard when it is coming out of my mouth! But when it comes time and they’re calling me out? I turn into the biggest bitch at the ball Cinderella and there is no glass slipper at the end of this fairy tale, just a pissed off step mother! I let myself get played out, I played victim while life moved on and didn’t care and trying to catch up at thirty-seven to the life I want is like the tortoise chasing the hare! And in the real world we all know about how well that should work out! It’s wake up tomorrow and do time, or I fear it all fades away and dies and I fade away with it! I’m a played out thirty-seven year old dreamer who pissed it all away, its long past go time, its long past a lot of things, I just hope it’s not long past a shot at a future!


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