Not This F-ing Time!

No way, no how, gave up the cussing, bet ya didn’t think I could do that! Bet I’m about to do a lot of things that you thought I couldn’t do, I am a little stronger than I knew and I can have it man! Tomorrow is a gift but that Adidas commercial was a liar, today isn’t up for grabs, today is mine and I’m about to make it my bitch! Blow for blow, watch out my chin is stronger and my hands are heavier, this is how it ends! I’m Bout to throw the uppercut that ends it all. That shocks the world like Michael Spinks! Nobody gave him a chance against the undefeated monster named Mike Tyson! Nobody until he threw that punch and did what nobody thought he could, I know the feeling, their talking sh*t, they are waiting for me to get destroyed, but they don’t know something this time! This tome, this guy does it for the right reasons, for himself and goes out and lands one Square on the chin. I can’t do anything about the opportunity that presented itself three hours ago, it is gone. Now I gotta focus on getting ready, not letting it go down the way it Always F-Ing has and hope that shot at everything I want presents itself again! I have a feeling if I do what I say and believe in myself that it without a doubt will!


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