Wow, 800 Is Upon Me!

Asked me back in May when I lost all five hundred plus posts, my best friend and the girl I was going to marry and never would I have thought I would get here! Fuck man, for a second I really thought I might just say fuck it and blow my brains out! I quit believing in myself, I let it break me and I started feeling sorry for myself and now look at me. I’m not there yet, but that’s on me, I would be save one thing I don’t want to change and that is on me, but I survived! And the most dangerous mother fucker in the world is a guy whose got a taste of it, then had it shoved down their throat, they have nothing to lose. 800 signals the end of something else to. I have to quit with all the cussing, I don’t know how the fuck I am going to do it, but I’ll figure it out, I’ll find a way! Change is the only word that matters! Time to quit biting my nails, sorry to say it, but you look like a bum when you do. Pull your pants up, were big boys, unless you got it like Jay-Z that shit doesn’t work! This will be the last post I cuss, you sound like and idiot when shit and fuck and bitch is every other word out of your mouth, that shit quit being cool in high school! These bad habits we thought were cool have stayed with us long enough, don’t you think it might be about time to deal with them??? This is where the fun starts, lucky number 800! Clean up your act and clean house of all the shit that you know you should. It was out right in front of me the other night, I saw what I been fighting for, I saw every second, every hour and every day and night and I realized there’s nothing left but fear now! How you make it happen is every second every hour as Stuart Scott said, how you choose to live! I’ve taken to many hits, I’ve lost too much and I’m done with it all, it was put in front of me for a reason and that reason was to pull it off and change everything! If I’m going out, oh man last cuss word, but if im going out, im going out with a fucking bang taking whoever I can with me kicking and screaming, know that shit!!!!


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