Yeah bro, I’m still bitter, angry and really fucking mad about it. One question I keep asking, are you mad enough to change? Because the only thing that matters now is have you changed or are you still the same? Can’t leave the fucking past alone and tonight I saw the future directly in front of me! I’m more than mad bro, I’m sick, disgusted and disappointed with it all for sure! The river has run dry, the only way to wash out the pain is to give up the ghosts and look inside yourself! It’s there, it always has been, you went away my friends, it never did! What washes away the pain is giving up the anger and bitterness and choose how you live as the great Stuart Scott said. Not in the moment, not when it serves a purpose or when it’s convenient, but every fucking second and watch what happens! So it’s game time, I saw the future ten feet in front of me tonight and because of choices I could do nothing about it. But just watch what I fucking do about it tomorrow!


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