The Bitch About The Compromise!

You want abs, but you are only willing to halfway commit to it. Two weeks won’t get it when you binge drink the last two days and stand in the buffet line. My whole life I’ve only commuted half way and now I have this half assed life. I see what I could have, but the bitch about the comprise it, we all do it, we just never really know in the moment what it will cost us. A few drinks, and a pretty blonde at the end of the bar and we’ve compromised our marriage and family. We sit around doing drugs and wasting time and compromising our future because of it. Then worst of all, we compromise ourselves to fit someone’s box or to make something okay in our head that we really know isn’t! You see the bitch about compromising is just like quoting, it only gets easier after the first time. I see it now, all that comprising and not standing my ground has cost me, it’s hard to look in the mirror sometimes! I don’t know if I’ll ever completely knock off the crap or be completely disciplined, what fun would that be? But I do know the bitch about compromising now and I’ll never let that shit happen again!


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