“Everyday Above Ground!”

It will be okay, it can always get worse for sure, so your job is to make sure you’re doing things every single day for it to continue to get better! Every single day that you’re not taking a dirt nap is a good one my friends! I’ve been so busy bitching and complaining about what I did and how it turned out that I lost sight of all the good things around me. Don’t lose sight of the good for too long, bad days can only hang around so long. And the better news is that starting tomorrow, yeah Monday, you can CHOOSE TO CHANGE all those bad days and never let them happen again! I learned a lot over the weekend, I got some good people around me, I still have a lot of things to figure out, but hey who is perfect? Not this guy for sure, but if you’re breathing you still got a chance, you’re still a player in this game called life and you still have a chance to put your helmet back on and get in the game! Are you hurt, or are you injured is the only question that remains unanswered! I bet if you are honest with yourself, that you have been sitting on the sidelines hurt feeling sorry for yourself for too long! You were never injured, you just played a part, so quit reading this for the moment and go out and own the day! Because every day above ground is a gift and a great day!


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