It’s A Little Different Look Now!

But don’t you think it pretty much had to be at this point stupid? There better be something in your smile and that look in your eye? There better be answers to those questions behind them this time! Because time is no longer my friend and in fact I doubt it ever was! I can’t keep driving by gold tahoes and doing double takes, I go completely out of my way now going home to avoid it and that is the point, I can no longer avoid what is standing in front of me! There is but one author to this shit show story, one hero and one villain all wrapped up in the same character, so who do I let win? Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? I no longer know who I am, I thought I did, in fact I was sure of it, right up until the day I wasn’t sure of it anymore! But this much I know for sure, it’s a whole different look now, there’s a different feel and those winds of change are blowing! In them I can hear all the voices telling me what I did and that I can’t! But they don’t see what’s coming, they don’t see this whole different look now!


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