Morning Walks!

It’s the little things that kill as the song says and the little things that I promise you that you’ll miss! Watching his fat butt shake while peeing on everything in sight is truly one of the best parts of my day. I don’t even need and alarm clock anymore, he knows when it’s time and starts pawing at the bed! If that doesn’t work, he will go to the drastic measure at 110 pounds of jumping on the bed and getting right in my face! Kind of like the way I miss how she’d fall asleep snoring on my chest and then wake up, apologize and then go right back to sleep and snoring! Pay attention to the little things, someday they will be gone! Dozer is six, we just put one of my closest friends dogs at ten and a half in the ground! That waking up and apologizing on my chest will never happen again as too much damage has just been done. I one day will miss these morning walks, but today I’ve got to quit holding on to what let go of me a long time ago I believe I once heard someone say! Little moments, things that change us, you may think that it doesn’t matter, but I promise you that in the end it will be all that matters!


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