And Now I Got Another One!

R.I.P. Duke, you were and amazing dog and we will all miss you! My best friends dog died at ten in his arms last night and that whole circle of life thing came full circle! I got another angel up their watching over me expecting me to do right. He loved me, I would always bring him treats, it was horrible today having to put him in the ground and explain it to his six-year-old daughter! It’s tough losing things we care about, especially when those things live a mile and a half down the road and still have your heart! At least I got to hangout with him and bring him a bone last night, I almost baged it because I was tired and I would have lived to regret that decision, like when my former best friends daughter died at six and I didn’t go in to say goodbye, because kids get sick! Do it now, say it to who you should now before you can’t, it’s tough losing things we love, even tougher when they live a mile and a half down the road still in possession of your heart whether they know it or not! And check how your living, you got Angels up there watching expecting the best of you….


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