No Frigging Clue Man!

But that’s the great thing about life, isn’t it? Tomorrow could be the day that it all comes together, you can be stuck in the shit today and tomorrow make your dreams happen. Life doesn’t care what you did yesterday, all that matters like the commercial said is today is up for grabs, who wants it? Do you want it more than the guy standing in line next to you and are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there? Oh and raw raw while you’re at it princess, now go out and own that shit and seize that day before someone else does! You have no frigging clue how it is going to go down, like I said, that is the great thing about life! It may have screwed you every other time, but we’re at the finish line and ask the Green Bay Packers and yours trulys Seattle Seahawks what happens when you don’t finish.


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