Why The Fu*k Not!

Their going to talk whether I show my face or not, so how about I give them something to talk about? Why the fuck not? How about I sit right across from their holier than though asses later tonight instead of ducking and running and seeing what they have to say then! Not as easy saying shit to someone’s face as it is to knife them in the back and say it when their not around! I’m better than this, at one point I compromised myself, but since I’m better than this, I should probably start acting like it! Never held myself accountable before, always took the easy way, that’s why tonight I have to show no matter what kind of shit show it may turn into! They’re all expecting me to do what I’ve done every time before, but all it takes to change things and shock the world is to step up and do it differently once! And honestly at this point, what the fuck do I have to lose? Why the fuck not and why the fuck not right now? And why the fuck do I cuss so much man? God it’s so terrible, but these bad habits die-hard my friends, but they will die if you stare them down and face them! Tonight answers a lot of questions for me about who I am and what I am made of, I think this saying says it best. “Get up and show up no matter how badly you don’t want too!”


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