I’m Not Perfect!

But in my defense, I never claimed to be! I don’t have the money to help the kid at the gym eat, but I’m giving him a hundred dollars more tomorrow anyway! The kid who came from American Samoa with the backpack on his back, I didn’t have to give him my favorite pair of Kobes tonight either! They matched his cousins, I wore them fucking twice man, I loved those shoes! I loved the look on his face even more and I love that even though I’m back against the wall fucked right now, I’m still trying and im still trying to make this a better place, I always find a way when there isn’t one! It’s not about shoes or food money, it’s about doing something because you can! I saw some lady tonight scream at a beggar, get a job! I’m sure if he wasn’t covered in dirt and had a place to shower he probably would! Yeah a lot of them are there because of substance and choices! But I have talked to homeless people who came home from the war, but never really came home! How are you supposed to hold down a job when a loud noise makes you want to jump for cover or snap someone’s neck? Another guys wife and two children were taken by a drunk driver, so he fucking lost it! Have somebody take everyone you love and see how fucking well you keep it together! We the people quit caring, we the people gave up and accepted it, I am disappointed in us, when you don’t care you lose yourself! Yeah I made mistakes, I’m not perfect and say what you will about me, but nobody will say I didn’t make a difference!


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