“I Hope When You Take That Jump, You Don’t Feel The Fall!

Do it, because even if you do feel it and it hurts, what hurts worse is dwelling on it after the fact because you missed the opportunity! What’s worse than that is still having a chance to do something about it at thirty-seven, but you want to sit around making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself! Well let me smack you right between the eyes with this life lesson! Nobody cares about your boo hoo story and what ya did, they did some pretty stupid shit too! No, all anybody cares about is the move you make next and if you still give enough of a shit to quit talking about it and put it in motion! You’ve taken enough lumps haven’t you? You hear what they are saying about you and one thing flips this entire bitch on its head, but you’re a fucking coward, scared of your own shadow! Well my friend it is long past due that you come out of the shadows and start following through on some of these promises, you hear what they are saying and their calling you out! Today it ends or it ends you, no more talking about it, no more sitting on my hands and waiting for it, fuck that! I’m about to pull off the biggest comeback in history or go down in flames, making noise and kicking and screaming trying….


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