I Just Hate To Be The Baf Guy!

But Somebody Has Too!

“I also represent anyone on the receiving end of those jokes you offend. I’m the nightmare you feel asleep in and then still woke up in; I’m your karma closing in with each stroke of a pen. Perfect time to have some remorse to show for your sin, no it is hopeless; I am the denial that you are hopelessly in when they say all of this is approaching its end. But you refuse to believe that it’s over, so here we go all over again. Back to the wall, I am stacking up all them odds toilets clogged because I am talking a lot of shit but I’m backing it all up. But in my head there is a voice in the back and it hollas after the track is demolished I am your lack of a conscience. I’m the ringing in your ears, I’m the polyps on the back of your tonsils eating your vocal cords after your concerts, and I’M YOUR TIME THAT IS ALMOST UP THAT YOU HAVENT ACKNOWLEDGED! Grab for some water but I’m that pill that is too jagged to swallow! I’m the bullies you hate that you became with every faggot you slaughtered coming back on you with every woman you insult. That with the double standards you have when it comes to your daughters I represent everything that you take for granted cause Marshall Mathers the rappers persona is half a façade and Matthew and Stan are symbolic of you NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU HAD UNTIL IT WAS GONE! Because after all of the glitz and the glam no more fans that are calling your name cameras are off, sad but it happens to all of them. I’m the hindsight to say I told you so foreshadows of all the things that are too follow. I’m the future that’s here to show you what happens tomorrow if you don’t stop after they call you the biggest laughing stock in rap who can’t call it quits! When it’s time to walk away I’m every guilt trip and the baggage you had, but as you gather up all your possessions if there is anything left to say unless it makes and impact don’t bother, so before you rest your case you better make sure you are packing a wallop.” Probably my favorite Marshall Mathers song, the “Bad Guy”, it’s time for a comeback, it is time to find that wallop and start hitting mother fuckers over the head with it, because whether I want to acknowledge it or not, my time is almost up!


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