Funny How!

Sorry, something wrong with my email at home, there is supposed to be a post before this one, but you won’t get that until tonight lol! The best is yet to come if you act on it, but when you don’t act? Then the worst is yet to come and it just came knocking on my front door and I have no answer for it! The events which you will read about later tonight that unfolded last night changed everything! I’m scared, I’m backed into a corner and I have everything to lose! What did it say at the end of that show the real worlds intro? Something about lets see what happens when people stop being nice and start being real! I knew last night would come if I didn’t take care of business, it was written in the stars a long time ago, 8 years ago I watched the exact same thing go down that I did last night! It’s like a nightmare that I refuse to wake up from and take action against and now here I sit again with action being taken against me! Wednesday February 18th isn’t such a bad day to make a move, and make it now! Last night it all started crumbling down around me and I’m not sure if I can put it back together this time….


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