50 Shades Of Wilson!

Oh, I suppose you are perfect to you little sound bite judge mental Christians! I believe in God I am Christian and I don’t go to church as much as I should! I make mistakes, I probably judge, I know I have done things I am not proud of and its a daily battle not to do them again! But you mother fuckers staked my quarterback to the cross! He must have been playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out with his fiancée in and elevator! Nope? Beat his kid so bad that he left facial lacerations?? Can’t hear you, oh he didn’t do that either? 100 down the freeway drunk or roided out on peds then right? No, he just went and watched a movie that while I think it’s garbage, he has every right to do! And all you so-called Christian mother fuckers who lost your mind and JUDGED him, what makes you holier than thou? Better yet, what if we had the passion for curing cancer or feeding kids or fixing what’s wrong with this world, that we do for a Russel Wilson tweet about a movie…..


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