There Will Come A Day!

When you can’t hop in the car and go to Grandmas anymore! A time when you will miss those two and a half hour each way bus trips with the high school kids you coach! A time when you will no longer be able to say my mom is doing well, a time will come when doing well turns into I miss her! One day we will wake up and realize a lot of the people we thought would be their have become distant. Not because of a fight or we hate each other, it’s called life. One day you’ll realize people move away or people move on whether you want them too, one day you’re going to wish you could make memories that you are capable of making today! One day what didn’t want you will realize it did, but you’ll realize in that moment that you wish you had all that time back you wasted on it, yeah one day! Don’t believe me? I’m thirty-seven years old working on pissing away year number 17 in a row, yeah one day….


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