The Death Of The Quarter Pounder!


We all face it, and we all deal with it differently or better yet some of us deal with it and some of us fold. But you can’t just fold and throw it all in, you can’t just quit. Giving up does nobody any good and does yourself the least good and an injustice that you may never be able to correct. So tomorrow I correct mine, I once and for all beat the adversity that I know has kept me here for seventeen years, one correction to change it all, one chance to save what’s left of my life. I laid down my cards, I quit living and just settled and the worst word in the human language is probably content and I was content by far with just getting by. Until just getting by wasn’t getting by anymore and it cost me everything! Whether you want to admit it or not, you are running out of time to say it and do it. You are running out of time to have those kids and you are running out of time to tell your mother and grandmother that you live them, there is only one guarantee in this life, change. Sometimes the things we want to have back so badly we will never have back and we carry it with us, until we learn to take off that backpack, you will never leave the life that you are supposed to lead. Tomorrow I take off the backpack and try to change it all, it is scary, the crutch won’t be there anymore and I will have to step up and be a man whether it works out or not and not run the fuck back to it if I fall. Scary shit man, I am not sure I have another failure I can comeback from in me, guess I better deal with this adversity, start handling my business and make sure there isn’t another failure to come back from!


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