The Bounce Back!

The Bounce Back!

You came in begging on your hands and knees with tears in your eyes like a little bitch because you had been living in your car for months. Then it all got comfortable, it all got a little too easy and life is lived when you reach the end of your comfort zone. It’s time to make shit uncomfortable, really fucking uncomfortable; it is the only way that I pull this off. It is all about the bounce back now as what used to be in my rearview mirror has more than closed in on me at this point, objects in mirror are always closer than they appear and now it appears its bounce back or sugar were going down! I have to face some facts; I will be thirty-eight this year, fact. Everything around me is getting older and I am the only thing staying in the same place, fact. I still want that wife and kids and while I am running out of time to have them, I still can, fact. I have to bounce back now, good things are still in play if I sack up and make the right choices and most of the time life comes down to make the right choices and having the guts to take action. To talk to that girl even though your heart is beating out of your chest, the guts to give up what you don’t want to so you can have what you are supposed to, the bounce back, you must have the guts to fight for your comeback! Everything in this life that is worth anything is going to take work and you have to want it, you have to fight, the second you stop fighting you let it win, you put your future in jeopardy, because a day will come soon where I will have to make a move or what I want again will be taken away from me. How much longer do you think what you want, the people and the things will sit around and wait on you? You think you can let another month pass with you talking about acting on it and it won’t get acted on? You’re a fucking fool if you do, the prize is in play more than it ever has been, it’s time to keep my eye on that prize and figure the fuck out how to bounce back!


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