Midnight Black Lab Jenners!

Conversations With My Black Lab….

Feels like I am fucking chasing my tail man, and how come nobody loses their mind when they call him a black lab? And yellow lab? How is that not racist and then of course there is brown! What’s my point? How ridiculous shit has gotten around here folks, and you know I am right. Bruce Jenner losing his mind and maybe deciding he wants to be a woman solves what? Oh that’s right it pads his pocket book, it keeps cameras on him and the money machine keeps raking it in. Meanwhile in other news, people are being beheaded and burned alive! The mood has all changed, the little fucking kid games are over. I let mother fuckers walk all over me who never had any business being in the same room with me. I used to walk in all fucking eyes on me and who the fuck are you to call me on anything because I have my shit together and there is nothing to call me on. It’s in the name of this or it is because you did this or blah blah blah that is where we are at with it all folks, Allah didn’t tell you to burn someone alive, just like while I may not ever be found at a gay pride parade, I am pretty sure the God I believe in will do the judging himself! Careful with those fingers, I think this line explains it best when your backyard isn’t clean and you start pointing. “Hey what it is world? Yeah it’s me again, back before you at your mercy on bended knee again, no running from the truth as much as we pretend that is what it aint and then it hits CNN. Apologies to my fans and my closest friends for letting you down, I won’t take you down this road again. Most of you know saying yeah whatever here we go again, I life to keep from crying through all of the embarrassment, I gotta say you fucking haters are hilarious. How dare you sit right there acting holier than though pointing your finger and looking down, same clown that was twitpicing at my wedding on the same twitter page turn around and fucking disrespect me. Never mind my imperfections this is a fact remember that no mistake is too great to recover and bounce back!


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