Ready, Set….

Ready, set and failure to turn over the key and start this bitch! Failure or fear? False evidence Appearing Real as my friend Raphael X. Mophet said, but what happens when your actions make it real? What happens when you don’t knock off the bullshit and you let that fear become a real living thing in your mind? I don’t have anything left to piss away, what I want soon will be out of play save one thing, if I make a move right now! This second, everything I want in this moment right here is still in play, it was never game over or a setback, it was a setup and a break from God, how miserable would I be right now if it had went down how I wanted it too! You ever look back and think, man remember when I begged God if he let me have this one thing I would change everything! You have to want to change and looking back, that one thing was the last thing in the world you would want right now! I started doing it for everything other than the one thing I should have! Check back a little later when I have a little convo with myself about that!


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