Lessons Learned!

If you read my last post, then this one will make sense, if you didn’t, well read it. We started slow and fought to the end but we lost! Because we didn’t handle our business before and we couldn’t quite beat Goliath tonight, now we are down to do or die Friday for the last playoff spot! I was proud of them, they fought their asses off and never quit, but it was the slow starts in the two games that we should have won that haunts me now! But it’s all about handling your business, our back is against a wall and we have a team coming in with nothing to lose when we have everything to lose! But I’ll take it, we got a chance we put ourselves in this situation just as you and I do in life and now you’ve gotta figure it out, now you have to fight! You have to wear your heart on your sleeves and go balls to the wall a 100 mph at the other guy, you have to want it more than he does! Sometimes when you don’t take care of business you are done and it finishes you, sometimes you get a second chance as the team I am helping with will on Friday! When the opportunity at a second chance presents itself, will you still be learning lessons? Or will the lesson be learned and will you take care of business, because nobody now cares what you did the other nineteen games, it all comes down to what you do with number 20


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