Gonna Have To Pull Some Shit Off Tonight!

David versus Goliath is and understatement of the century, it’s going to take everything we got tonight! We are going to have to slow it down, make it ugly and turn it into a slugfest! I like the loose attitude as I board the bus, what choice do they have knowing what they are up against! Not only is it the undefeated bully of the league, it’s the assholes of the league who play down at 1A instead of playing at 2A where they belong and then they talk shit! They have numbers, they beat everybody the wrong way like punks and we have every excuse to lose to them tonight! Except we believe, we were within 7 last time at half and why not us, why not now! The titanic sank, the world didn’t end in y2k and people beat the odds against cancer all the time, so why the hell not? You want to know why you haven’t yet? Because you think it’s a choice stupid and it was never a choice! You have to hit life every morning in the mouth letting it know that your ready and your day is coming, because bring a fake ass actor and not a factor does nobody any good at all! I’ve pissed away every single opportunity in my entire life away, some really amazing ones, but I’m dumb enough to believe that I can still pull off some shit and have it all and you have to be too! It’s time to run towards it instead of continuing to run from it, it’s time to find a way when there isn’t one!


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