You’ll Feel That In The Morning!

All I can do is laugh man, probably shouldn’t get blackout drunk when your team loses the super bowl! You pee on yourself, wake up in the wrong place and start getting texts from people you had no idea you texted! The hangover ended yesterday, at least physically it did, but boy did I stir some shit up! Drunk, angry and bitter isn’t a good look Sam Smith gain some self-control! It wasn’t as bad this time and thank God certain people didn’t answer the phone, but the shit sure hurt in the morning! It all boiled down to one thing, I am miserable with the way I have let my life turn out and I have nobody left to blame. I really think that’s the worst part about it right? You can convince yourself of all kinds of cool shit when there is somebody else to blame. Then you find out that giraffe and those fuckers at toys r us lied and you do have to fucking grow up! Bastards, I actually believed that taking giraffe and now look at me! My point? Me blaming my problems on Jeffery is about as plausible as whatever you are about to make and excuse for right now as you read this! Quit making excuses as to why you can’t and start finding reasons why you can or I promise you’ll feel it in the morning!


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