The End Game!

It’s about finding a way to do it different and making them pay attention, always has been. I have the ability to change it all, but what’s my end game in the end is the only question! When do I stop writing it and talking about it and start believing in it? A belief in yourself will take you farther than anything, a belief in yourself when everybody else has pretty much mailed it in and written you off! Some of our greatest moments are born out of our worst defeats and knowing when to move on and who never mattered is one of the biggest things that you must understand I this life! You have to have a plan, I have flown by my pants just like my head Coach Mr. Carrol and doing what you want with no discipline will eventually come back to bite you in the ass my friends I promise! I got one swing left, one ace left up my sleeve to pull of the biggest heist of my life, the biggest comeback and have it even better than I thought i could, or I can stay here and it really is the end of the game! Eh, I don’t like this one so much, tune in a little later and I’ll do better!


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