I’m Afraid I Let Myself Down!

Blah blah, let me talk some more about how bad it is for me and maybe I’ll throw a fucking boo hoo or two in there while I’m at it why not! American way right? It ain’t my fault, they did this to me and wah ya fucking baby! How does it happen, back in the day I always thought we’d be close and sometimes I think that maybe we weren’t very close at all! The suffering wasn’t necessary life changes and the people in your life change and you have to change with it, I don’t understand any of it anymore, and I don’t have the time to not understand anymore! Well full on a.d.d at 12:30 in the morning, pretty sure inlet myself down and I am pretty sure I am better than this! Pretty sure??? Fuck I better be sure, I don’t have time to be pretty sure, I don’t have time to do this, tomorrow the dream gets dusted off the closet floor! I’m tired of letting myself down and everyone around me down, from here on out this is how it’s going down! Every word I say, every time I say I’ll show I’ll make it happen or I’ll pull it off I have too! You can’t live life in the margins and ever expect to get anywhere, you won’t! Accept mediocre and you will get mediocre, end of story period! It’s time to get back up, no running from the truth, I apologize for what I did, I’m sorry for the embarrassment and I know your all saying yeah right, prove it and show us! Tine to give a little bit of it back, time to tell what’s against me what’s what, because I’ve lost every single battle, but I can still win the war. And I don’t have a choice, because there will comets day where they talk about he was and what he was as of right now is a piece of shit who let himself down!


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