He Only Got Until He Was Five!

She knew she was going to die, she kept telling is God was sending Angels to visit her in her sleep at night! It kills me thinking about the time I have wasted when I hear those parents tell their story on the radio during the St. Jude radio marathon! There is nothing worse, and worse than losing them too soon is having to watch them suffer and not be able to do anything about it! Life’s a funny little bitch isn’t she? What if you only got five more years? I’ve wasted 16 or 17, hell whose really counting anymore at this point! Those parents would die for another day to spend with their child and I’m just letting shit slip slide away! Like I have time, like I didn’t abuse my body with drugs and alcohol, like I couldn’t go tomorrow with all the heart rate spiking supplements I take! Spend thousands or more on supplements and surgery and tanning and all this shit to make yourself look good that is killing you and what does it matter if your ugly and unhappy on the inside?? I have said game on or game over too many fucking times, it wasn’t a girl or my mommy or the world that wronged me or was against me, no I did this all by myself, but I still like Stuart Scott said have a little fight left and I’m going to fight like hell! I’m going to give everything that is against me hell and everything I got, because listening to those parents today taught me life doesn’t care! It doesn’t care if you’re five or fifty-five, it doesn’t care if you’re white or black or if you have money or don’t! He only got until five, it’s a great day to be alive, so remember that and quit pissing your time away!


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