Bitch Moves And Expectations!

I’ve been sitting around waiting for something to come back that I can’t have even if it did. These bitch moves are killing me man! At one point I had some pride, I expected and demanded certain things out of myself! At some point I made just getting out of bed enough of and expectation! You can’t predict what happens next. What I didnt! deal with before I am now is at my doorstep ready to deal with me! I made to many bitch moves and that is why I got treated like a bitch, nobody wants to hang around a bitch! I got run the fuck over, I survive I don’t live and I sm tired of just surviving! How sad of a statement is that? I mean I guess you can say at least I am surviving, but that is all you can say, I havent lived a real day in years and that’s on me! People are weak, they do horrible things because they have no guts, I made this happen and I’ll fix it, I have guts! I’m capable of so much more and I have to start expecting more out of myself!


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