What Changes It All?

Is it me? A pretty girl? Losing my dog or someone close to me? Time takes away things that we don’t want it too and in the end it wins. As Stuart Scott said, you win by how you choose to live your life! My 87-year-old grandmother I will lose sooner than later, my about to turn six-year-old lab will be gone sooner than later! My 62-year-old not in great health diabetic mother, who knows how much time she has left and my father and I haven’t spoken in more than a month! Are you living life or is it living you? With all that going on around me, you would think I would be worried, scrambling, trying to do something to make it happen, yet yesterday I caught myself checking Facebook pages of ghosts from my past and that shit doesn’t work Ebenezer Scrooge! The second you stop learning from the past and living in it is when your life goes to shit, so I asked before and I’ll ask again, what changes it? Can’t be me at this point, I have had so many opportunities and never acted on any of them time is running out! Running out is the key phrase now, it hasn’t ran out, so what changes it all is what I do with this precious little time I have left to do something about it!


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