Duke, Lay Down!

It fucking sucks beyond belief even though we all knew it was coming! Time passes faster than you think and moments that you don’t want to happen are closer than they appear! My buddies ten-year old dog peed in the house and has a lump and all of a sudden has slowed down! My buddy Willie and I went to lunch before going over their today and cancer was the word we both didn’t want to say but admitted we both thought it! It’s killing one of my closest and I’ve been there, animal lovers treat them like their kids. I have no kids and Dozer is my son for sure, but Pay attention to a little lesson I’m going to teach you here, it may be the most important thing I ever say to you. Do it now while you can, because at some point you won’t be able too! Take away the iPad and play dolls or throw the ball with your kid. Soon he will like girls and she will want to go to the mall with her friends. Then between sports, school, homework and the girlfriend half the time you will be lucky to get so much as a text. She will break your heart, but don’t let it break for too long or you will miss the one who is supposed to fix it. Kiss a little longer, snuggle don’t go to bed mad, let go of what you need to and hold on to what you should, I have let so much slip through my fingers! Take the dog for a walk, don’t say Duke lay down when he comes up looking for pets, because one day soon you won’t be able to pet him. I don’t know why dogs live so many years shorter than humans, but if you really think about it, life is short for us all! The time you can’t get back in the end is what will haunt you! I have a very close friend, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see my best friend again! In the end take a chance, ask the girl out, get your heart broke, give someone a chance to put it back together, forgive yourself and give yourself a chance, I bet you weren’t as bad as you thought you were! To many people live their life worried about shit that doesn’t matter. What’s that you say? That heartbreak destroyed you and you will never recover? Yeah cool story bro, there are people getting beheaded, woman being enslaved by ISIS and an airplane that has been now missing almost a year, so cry me a fucking river we all got problems! Just know I thought I had time until I didn’t! Life taught me the hardest lesson of all…..


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