You Belong! And Hitting The…..

Why Are You Here? Because I said I Would Be!

This aint about would have or could have or should have, this aint about your failures or why it happened, and this sure is hell aint about making excuses anymore, that shit is free and anyone can do it! This isn’t about what you can’t do and whose telling you that you can’t, this is about one thing now. How do you finish? Because we already said this only goes down one way. It’s about every time they call your name or your number you step up and you are accountable and they can count on you. The starting wing asked me today why I was at the girl’s game, I only have to be there for boys varsity and it’s a long drive for me, and for the first time in my miserable life I could answer this question honestly with my head held high not looking at my feet! I said I am here because I said I would be here and when they asked me to do this, I said I would help out with C-team and Varsity. You don’t just get to show up when you want too, you have to show up every single time you say you are going too. And I saw every one of their faces get it, they all looked back at me shaking their heads saying, yeah you are right! In that moment, I figured out exactly what my fucking problem is and how I can fix it. I’m fucking lazy man, I can deny it all I want I can talk about how I hit the gym and how I help people who have less than me and take time to talk to the handicapped kid and blah blah pat myself on the back some more, but it makes no difference. The consequences of being lazy are weighing far too heavy on me at this point, when I said you can’t just show up when you want to or you feel like it, I could barely keep a straight face and wanted to throw up for sure. Story of my life, when I felt like it, not yeah I took care of it, yeah you can depend on me and yeah I will be there, nope just that’s Coby! Why am I here? Because I created this shit show and this is my mess to finish, so I’ll be there for sure, hit me with your best fucking shot. It won’t matter this time; it will be of little consequence, because I learned the key to life. No matter what they fucking throw at you always come back for more, be there because you said you were going to and unlike me nobody will have shots to take at you. But know this, I hear every single one of you and the time is coming…….


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