Stuck To My Guns!

But what happens when those bitches misfire! What happens when your whole life misfires and your starting from the bottom Drake! What happens when you realize it happens for a reason and you quit feeling sorry for yourself! When you quit holding yourself back, quit being afraid and get out of your own way! You find out just what your capable of and exactly what you’re made off! Do you even know? I don’t, I’ve always taken the easy way, the path of least resistance, if it was too hard I simply found a reason to walk away. Until everything I ever wanted started to walk away and now I have to find away to walk out of that phone booth with and S on my chest! You and I are the only ones who can save this bitch, the only ones who can flip it on its head and make it happen, nobody is going to do it for us! It’s going to get ugly, it’s gonna get real ugly! You are going to have to do things and accept things that you don’t want to, but it will be worth it! Because in the end you will accomplish and do things that you never thought possible! Your hopes and dreams are waiting for you to fire the gun, not just stick to them….


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