When The Balls, Come Tumbling Down!

It’s laughable that I even think I have problems! I’m not dying of cancer, I’m not in a wheelchair or mentally handicapped! I have options and opportunities in front of me that people would kill for and again pissing them away like I always do! I wish dogs didn’t have to die so young, a little off track, but if you got one, go hug them, soon enough you won’t be able too! Soon enough you will get old, soon Enugu you won’t be able to see or hear as well, soon enough you won’t be around either! Soon enough you will run out of time, to have those kids, to make that move, to take that chance, and chances are when it goes down like that, you will go down with it. Is how you are spending your time worth it? Or are you living as I have and are you wasting it? I got 99 problems and I am the cause of all of them, but while I still have time, before time runs out, I have to make something out of this life! So the balls not walls John Cougar are tumbling crumbling down, but this time I choose not to go down with them!


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