The Man!

I’m The Man I’m The Man I’m The Man

“I believe every lie that I ever told, paid for every heart that I ever stole, I played my cards and I didn’t fold, well it aint that hard when you got soul this is my world. Somewhere I heard that life is a test, I been through the worst but I still give my best, God made my mold different from the rest and then he broke that mold so I know I am blessed, this is my world. Stand up now and face the sun, won’t turn my tail and run, it is time to do what must be done. Well you can tell everybody, yeah you can tell everybody, go ahead and tell everybody that I’m the man I’m the man I’m the man.” It’s time to play the cards; I never folded so why not go all in? God made my mold and your mold different than everybody else’s mold, it is time to do what must be done, not fucking talk about it, this is the last Sunday I will say that tomorrow is Monday and a chance to start over new. Any nickel and dime mother fucker can run their mouth about what they are going to do and how they are the fucking man, but not everybody can pull it off, not everybody will stand up and face it and not everybody will do what must be done! I did this, I hate what I have lost, I hated myself for a long time, but I figured out that hate and bitterness are the problem with the world and they got me nowhere for sure. I was so mad about everything that it was easier to get high and let it pass by and not deal with it until it started dealing with me and all that I wanted passed me by. I turned it all around and made it everyone and everything else’s fault, because hey it’s easier to deal with when you make it not your fault. What A piece of shit I turned out to be in the end, I don’t want to be, I doubt a lot of things now though. With all I see in the world on a daily basis, it feels like bad is winning, it makes me feel like why does it matter if I just fade away and keep doing the same things that I am? I am just one person, one person who can’t even get his own shit together, how could I ever change this, I could never be this man that I am talking about. I bet MLK had questions about himself to as I see the trailer for his movie flash, but at least he had the guts to go out and answer them and find out what he was made of, yeah there is a man, so Michael Jackson, I guess I am looking at that man in the mirror and I am not asking him, rather begging and pleading with him to make a change!


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