Did You Just Call Me Shirley?

Surely you didn’t, because we all know fucking with crazy people isn’t the smart play! Mother fuckers who have pissed it all away, but are still standing here with nothing saying I’m still here, I won’t go away! Surely it will change, all I have to do is pray about it every night and then wake up the next morning and do the same shit over again! Yeah, surely that will work, sounds like a great plan! Surely my diabetic health is fading fast mother will live a few more years and will be around when I finally pull my head out to see her grandkids, yeah surely that will happen! Surely I will have enough time, so why not go on wasting it trying to win the same battle! Surely if our for fathers hadn’t figured out a different way to do it, we all would be speaking with a British accent right now! The red coats were better trained, had better weaponry and the way they outnumbered us was staggering! Imagine being that General giving a speech to those troops with those odds! But just because you’re outnumbered and outgunned, doesn’t mean that their smarter than you! For fuck sake I don’t care what your numbers are if you march in a straight line it’s easy to shoot you one by one! Not surely, not maybe, there is always a way folks, it just comes down to who has the guts and the fight left to find it….. Jimmy V said it best, never give up, don’t you ever give up!


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