Wave After Wave!

Wave After Wave!

It is drifting away and feeling like I am drowning without a doubt as the song says. As I said last night, I am either going to pull off the greatest comeback in history or slip that final inch. How many friggin times have I said that before, but I am tired of being this Coby, this Coby while not a piece of shit and a nice guy overall, really fucking blows man. I suck in so many ways, ways that none of you could even imagine sucking in. If there was a Heisman Trophy for sucking, I would be a finalist every year and hell, I might have a few of them bitches on my desk, in my parent’s spare bedroom…. How depressing is that, one choice changes it all, but this dumb mother fucker over here chooses to drown, like I said one inch, I am five foot eleven and I’m standing at the 5’10 mark of the pool, why do I do that? Write one out and use numbers for the other, sometimes I think I am pretty stupid. Well, more than sometimes, I am trying to give myself a break, maybe cut myself a little slack, it is what I do after all, cut myself slack until I cut my throat! Talking myself in circles it would seem at midnight, but I want it so bad now, I want to walk back in the man so badly. More than I have ever wanted it or anything in my entire life, I have started down the path, but it is up to me to walk down it straight instead of crooked like I have! I used to be afraid of the unknown, now I have to find a way to embrace it. I have been afraid of my own shadow for so long, I forgot how to live, the unknown used to scare the shit out of me, it doesn’t anymore, I realized life is about living and I have been wasting to much of it holding on to the wrong people and the wrong things. Funny, you notice the only people who say it is okay to do pot are pot heads? They will find any reason to make it okay, addicts will do anything to get and justify their high; this shit has to come to and end. I have to clean out my closest and be done with the bullshit and the bullshit people; I have to find a way to make this shit happen! Okay, this shit has been old and stale, tomorrow mornings post will be back on track and back to making shit happen, and goodnight and I apologize!


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