Smoking Pot, In The Gym Parking Lot!

So You’re Telling Me That You Are Trying To Straighten Your Life Out, While Getting High In The Gym Parking Lot!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I and only I am the one who can hurt me. I am the one who can let it go on, I am the one who lost it all because he didn’t have his shit together, one simple choice and I would have had it all. Now I wonder if I can ever have any sort of life again! Judgment has now fallen upon me and at the end of this road lies the jury that will judge me. Running and hiding isn’t going to get it anymore, I can’t be fake and act like it and then not live it, I can say shit to these kids and make promises to these people and not follow through on them anymore, there is but only one option left for me. Fight like hell, like Stuart Scott said, because nobody cares what the fuck I did, it’s what you do next, it’s what they see after the fact and I’ve let them see this little bitch for too long. There was a time you would of caught me smoking weed across from my church behind a bar, there was a time where I couldn’t walk into the gym without being stoned, it made me feel normal, it helped with the A.D.D. and it hindered the rest of my life, but that again is a choice! I won’t take all those people who have stood behind me and held me up when I couldn’t stand on my own two feet down this road again, I can’t. I can’t be this mother fucker anymore, everybody forgives me or looks past all my bullshit because I am a nice guy, but that nice guy bullshit only goes too far when mother fuckers are saying the second you said you were going to show up we started taking bets if you would or wouldn’t. When mother fuckers are saying you lied to me all week, I know you tried, but then all of a sudden your phone didn’t work or you didn’t have service, sometimes you have to say fuck it you can’t make everyone happy. I’ve spent too much time trying to make everybody else happy that my happiness became and afterthought. No I didn’t lie; I have had five basketball games to coach this week, because if I don’t stay busy, that shit about idle hands is the truth for sure. So I’m done being a bitch, I am done with all of this, tonight it starts going down and entirely different way, I am not going to be a dick about it, but I’m going to start looking out for number one. I am going to somehow find a way to shut them all up and make a fucking difference in this world, it isn’t about what you did, it’s about pulling off the greatest comeback in history!


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