Pity Party!

This Was Going To Be A Pity Party Post!

Until I realized something, with it all falling apart around me, worse than I have ever been, Bubba Sparxx reminded me of a little something. Legends my friends are made out of vulnerable men and I have never been more open and vulnerable. I have never been so close to being buried, but I look at it a different way, I have never been this close to pulling it off. Yeah, it’s bad, it’s like waking up next to a sixty year old hooker after one too many in Vegas who only has four teeth, yeah it’s that bad folks, but it gets the worst right before the sun shines, and the sun is about to shine on this dogs ass. This dog has decided that there are a few things that he wants, this dog just remembered he still has one last shot to pull it all off and be the man he can and wants to be. The mother fucker who when he used to open his mouth used to follow through every fucking time. I want so badly to be that guy again, the one that can be counted on all of the time, the guy I used to be before I started walking down this stupid fucked up path of my own creation. I want to be counted on again, I want to change things and make things better, I want so many things, tomorrow morning check in and I will teach you one of the most important lessons in life, but right now it would appear I have a lot of things I want and a lot of work to do so if you will excuse me…..


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