The End Isn’t Near, I Fear It Is Here!

London Bridge had fallen and Humpty Dumpty has all but fallen down folks! I had the time, I had the choice, finish it or it finishes me and now at thirty-seven it would appear I’m finished. The excuses I used to make to make it okay elude me now and the ones I can come up with are laughable! It’s not about the who, the what or the why anymore, the who is me and there just is no why anymore as to why I have let all of this go down like this. I swear it’s like that car wreck theory watching it all go down in slow motion and not being able to turn away. The strength, the fight I had all escape me now as this is a whole new kind of panic mode I have never felt before. It’s going to push me one of two directions in the next month, because this time I really am on the clock, not some fake clock in my head. It either pushes my back farther against the wall and I put my shoulders back and change it all, or it finishes me. My final make or break moment in life is finally upon me. That moment where you have to decide what you want to be in life and what your willing to change and give up to get there. I’m staring it down now. February 1st is closing in to finish me now faster than I ever thought possible, but ive run out of reasons and places to run, so I guess it’s time to come out of hiding and expose myself, face it once and for all, who made who and who finishes who? Well I made who, I made this price of shit and I have a month to tear him apart and put him back together! Ready, set, let’s roll Chase Rice!


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