Not A Good Look!

Okay, This Woh Is Me Bullshit Isn’t A Good Look!

Gaining self control sounds so much easier in that Sam Smith song that it turns out to be in real life and now real life is moving on without guess who? And guess who is doing nothing about it but bitching about it and getting drunk and thinking that letting another day pass is okay. Hell I even got high last night for the first time in a long time and how the hell did I ever get anything accomplished before smoking that shit all day? Medicine my ass, it just makes you not have to deal with shit because it robs you of your ambition and makes you feel like it’s okay to not do shit, believe me I am and expert on this topic! Like when you meet a new girl’s family for the first time and your palms are sweaty and your voice is strained as you try to stumble through the lie when they ask you what you do for work! What a joke in the end I have let myself become, wonder why I was passed over and why people jumped off and to tell you the truth, I would of jumped of too, I probably would of abandon ship quicker than any of them did how sad is that to say? I have to clean every single aspect of my life up, none of this is good anymore, and you want to know how they knew you were lying stupid? They could taste and smell the pot on you that you were lying about not smoking and promised them that you had quit! You sure made a lot of promises along the way of all these things that you were going to do and now all you do is talk about it and bitch about why it isn’t your fault that it hasn’t happened yet. Oh this person did this, or that happened, or I was having a picnic with the Easter bunny, believe me if there is and excuse to be used, I have found a way to use it and now my life is becoming used up from all the bullshit I keep letting go on and the doors I won’t close that keep letting shit creep back in! It’s not woh is me anymore, it is who is me and I better figure me out now, because the key is me no matter how shitty things may be, I have the power to figure it all out and put it all back together. Or I can spend the rest of my life how some people choose to play the victim and woh is meeing!


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