You’ll Never See It Coming!

Not Now, Mother Fuckers Thought I Cared!

Mistook me being nice as me being a little bitch and not putting the work in and for a while they were right. But these last couple days I haven’t been writing so much, I apologize, but I wasn’t caring anymore about a bitch that dropped me and broke my heart or a life that I let shit on me. I was busy proving them all wrong and doing the work I didn’t do before so I could really make it happen this time. This time it isn’t do or die, it isn’t make it happen or walk away, it is 0 to 100 real quick and make it the fuck happen no matter what you have to do. Fuck blood, fuck sleep, fuck being told I can’t, ill run right thru that brick fucking wall you just watch me, this time I prove everybody who didn’t think I had it in me wrong, this time it is time to pay the piper. This time it goes down differently, this time I win, I finish shit and when I finish shit, what was against me won’t even have a clue as to where to begin to get back on their feet. Mother fuckers thought I was going to keep worrying about the shit that didn’t mattered, when the whole time they were paying attention to the wrong thing. They were looking at what I did, and they should have been worried about if I ever quit fucking with my past, what I would do with my future, and now I see that future. Yeah lately I have done some dirt bag shit that I am not happy about, but who is fucking perfect? You? I know I sure the hell ain’t, I couldn’t make it one post without cussing, but I still got those promises to keep. I still want to fund that little girl in Heavens charity so she can change even more lives than she already does every day from up there. I want to help abused and homeless animals, I want the fucking word cancer to go away and never fucking come back, I want everyone to have enough, not so few with a lot and so many without shit, I want to change things. And on this journey I have come to realize that change starts with me as I have always said! While you were looking the other way thinking I cared about my past, I been putting in those hours and I been doing what I said I was going to do, and I heard every word that you mother fuckers were saying and I am about ready to make you go gulp and bite your lip! Not now, I am too close to pulling this mother fucker off for it to go down like this NO FUCKING WAY! See while you were busy looking the other way at what I did and thought I was going to do again, I got down to business and did what nobody thought I could do…….


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