We Create Our Own Destiny And Demons

The Boogeyman Ain’t Real, We Create Our Own Destiny And Demons, So What Are You Afraid Of?

It ain’t over, no way in hell until I say it is over! I am done with the cussing I am done with letting the little things go, cussing and sounding like and idiot and doing things because you cannot because you should, only leads you down the wrong path little red riding hood! To hell with it all kindly, I made the mess, I thought it was going to end me, the whole time it was afraid that I was going to end it and now one of us has to be finished. One of us has to step up and find it in ourselves to end this mess, because something is about to be finished and it sure as hell isn’t me this time. And if hell is a cuss word then I am sorry, baby steps people, have you read some of the other stuff that wrote? See that wasn’t so hard, stuff instead of ish and I already start to sound like and adult and not some idiot! I have to clean it all up, I let the boogeyman become real and I created demons, not my destiny, so I guess the answer to the question is obvious, I am afraid of myself! Been there, done that and lost that game over and over again, so as Eminem said, new plan Stan. The plan hasn’t changed, but the pussy standing in the way of the plan has moved out-of-the-way, it was a good plan, it could have changed ish and is still could, but I am to afraid of my own frigging shadow to do anything about it. Man not being able to cuss is going to be the death of me, I’m not sure if it gives my writing the same impact, honestly sometimes I think cussing brings out my best writing and who the fuck are you to judge me anyway! Remember the boogeyman aint real, your hopes and dreams are and it is up to you whether or not you create your destiny or demons! Most importantly you have to decide one thing. You have to figure out what you are afraid of and you have to decide if you are more afraid of it, or more afraid of staying the person you are…


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