I Think They Lied, Because That Shit Sure Don’t Smell Like Roses!

And I’ve sent a few roses in my day, that shit didn’t look like them either! So I guess if it looks and smells like a pile of shit, it’s probably a pile of shit and it might be time to walk away princess! The only thing now that is holding you back is the fear of falling flat on your face! I have the shirt, it is by the greatest basketball player to ever play the sport, the best at what he did. The last sentence of the shirt reads like this. “I have failed over and over again in my life, that is why I succeed! They told him he wasn’t good enough, so he worked harder and probed them all wrong! You see I got a lot of people saying a lot of things right now about me that aren’t so sweet! But I gave the ammunition, I can just as easily take it away by going out an proving it, doing what none of them think I am capable of! Life starts where fear begins and your comfort zone ends, because there is no guarantee, life is a gamble! I gambled it away and now I have to go all in on a wing and a prayer hoping if I do the work this time that I didn’t do before, than somehow this bitch called my life will work itself out! Can’t get a good job without college, but who can pay for college or for that matter pay the loans after college?? Another new round on congress and senate and is it ISIS, ISIL or did Al Qaeda never go anywhere and we have accomplished nothing? Just giving brown people shady looks and creating the department of homeland take away our rights and scare us to death with threat levels, so who won? Yeah, shit may have looked rosy, but it sure didn’t smell like it!


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