“If The High Was Worth The Pain!

Never in my life, let alone the day before Christmas did I think that id be quoting Taylor Swift! But it’s over and the high was without a doubt not worth the pain, problem is I did it! Yeah I, back to Jake Owen and starting with me! Except I don’t want to start with me, because I suck! I flat suck dude, no way around it, I will talk you up all night about what I’m going to do and how I want to change, but when it comes down to that little part about doing it, I don’t get it done! I take the easy way out, always have, cringe when I say this, hope I always will doesn’t turn into the rest of my life! In the moment you think you can do better and don’t appreciate what you have is the second you realize the grass ain’t always greener and the high usually is never worth the pain unless you are trying to accomplish something physical! The best highs in life my friends don’t come with the pain, they are the I do’s the naming babies and March madness with Mike Tyson’s tiger and the boys in Vegas! To each and every one of you who have been following me on this little journey I appreciate it and ice decided it isn’t over tomorrow unless I fold, I choose to fight, I just got to many promises to keep!


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