London Bridge!

“That Could have been Yo.”

Now because I didn’t do it, everybody has and opinion and has something to fucking to say. Everybody saying he could have been so much more and he was capable of great things and me just sitting here seeing mother fuckers making the moves I should be and I am saying that could have been yo. Except in the middle of all of it I realized it still could be, worse mother fuckers aren’t making moves that I could be, because they aren’t me and it takes me to make those moves. Nothing against me is better than me and fucking laziness is about all I can come up with at this point, as I slowly raise my head to look in the mirror! What I see is a broken piece of shit that has whined about it and talked about what he was going to do for far too long. Nobody cares about what you could have been or what you are going to be, they want to see it, the consummate care salesman I have become has led me to one conclusion; I don’t even know if I can trust myself anymore! It has arrived, that moment that makes or breaks me is staring me the fuck down and it sees I am at the end of my rope, it sees I have run out of options, and it has thrown what I could have been yo right in front of my face! But this time it expected to see me give up, it expected it to go down the same way it did every other time. This time when I ran out of options, I didn’t fall or give up; I realized there was no option but to find a way this time! Life is never going to be the same again, some things I don’t want to give up or let go of I have to, and boo fucking hoo, my former best friend will never get to hold his daughter again so my hurt is minimal and I am still in the game able to do something about it. Life is a funny little bitch yo and you don’t have time to worry about what you could have been yo, so hold on to whom and what matters, apologize, hell apologize even if you don’t think you’re wrong sometimes. Hold doors, stop and pet a dog, stop and smell the roses and slow down for half a second and realize how good we have it compared to a lot of places in the world. More importantly who cares about what could have been yo, worry about what still could be……


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