So Noah, Am I Going To Need That Arc?

I hope that mother fucker can climb walls and go over mountains with the shit I’ve pulled! And there it is, my cussing has officially gone too far! I just turned one of the most famous bible verses into a cuss fest, fuck me man! But really I asked God a few questions earlier and now I am questioning myself! I have been so busy worrying about my past that each day it feels like I am slipping farther away from who I should be! I can’t quit trying to play Superman or Captain save a Ho as my friend likes to call it! I can’t figure anything out anymore, I am pretty sure that if Noah were here today, he wouldn’t let my sorry ass on for sure! So what do I have to do to change this? What do I have to do to make it on the arc and what do I have to do to start having some things to look back on and be proud of! Oh just change every single fucking thing about me…..


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