So Where Is This God You Speak Of Now!

Sorry For What I Did, But I Don’t Have Time To Give A Fuck Anymore! So Many Kids Dead! And Where is this god you speak of now!

Over a hundred and forty and it looked like they were trying to learn skills to help themselves and other people! They were kids, what cause, or purpose whatever you believe or think could justify that? I get kids starve all over the world and I get kids get killed probably by money my country and a lot of other countries provide all over this planet, but what does walking into a school and killing over a 140 kids prove? Starting to lose faith in it all at this point, its high school shooter in Portland, it’s a shooter in Pennsylvania and then this, what the fuck happened to us man? When did this every other week kids dying and shooting up schools and some dude had women trapped for ten years in his basement become okay and where is this God that I believe in? Yeah I said it, somebody had to didn’t they? I will believe in him until the day I die, I believe I saw Jesus when I was in a coma fighting for my life after that car wreck, but how do I get to waste it all sir on drugs and bullshit and a amazing little girl had to go to Heaven at six years old? I have some questions sir, it’s called God’s great Earth, but I see nothing great about it, I see shows about sex offenders doing sick things with kids and ISIS post saying it is okay to rape and enslave women and countries fighting about shit that doesn’t even matter, so why would you let it go on? I guess I have a better question Sir, is it time to build and ARK?


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