For Fuck Sake, We Gotta Do Better Than Killing Each Other!

But it is the only thing we have done right for thousands of years, seems like we fuck everything else up, but we sure get hurting each other right! Then we turn it into a shit show and it becomes you did this so I am going to do that. And I bet at some point like I you had to look back and shake your head and say WTF was wrong with me man! Why did I even bother to play the game, just because someone else took shots to hurt me, it makes me far less of a man to try to hurt them back, it is a vicious circle of life Simba! I read today Auburn football player killed in gunfire! ISIS still trying to justify enslaving woman and racial unrest all over my country and I’ll have the guts to say it about my country tis is thee, I’m white, I wouldn’t have been in that chokehold! Shocker, don’t let all of your mouths drop at once, and spare me the I’m racist bullshit, I’m just telling it how I see it, please feel free to jump in and correct me if I’m wrong and we are on to the next one!


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