A Sign I’m Thinking!

Well That Sure Was A Fucking Sign!

Okay, dog fucked up, care fucked up and I decide to drive a mile away and get drunk and fuck the wrong girl again! Yay me, not exactly sure how I expect any of this to get any fucking better with the way I am going, and then it got worse! I said that shit about leaving well enough alone, then I saw her Saturday walking without him, but it didn’t bury me like it did before, right up until I get the liquor flowing! So I decide on my mile drive home, yeah they don’t just work together, both of them live less than a mile from me, fuck me man, but yeah so on my mile drive home with a little liquor in me I decide to go down the ones street. Problem is I don’t notice the sidewalk and completely blow out a tire on my mom’s car that I am borrowing because my ignition went to shit! Oh and you ask exactly where did that tire blow out? Right in front of her fucking house, sounded like a bomb went off, and two bad things happened. The first, that late at night dudes truck wasn’t there and something I gave a fuck less about yesterday all of a sudden I thought I might care about again and the second? Well that would be limping my mom’s car by her house with a blown out tire as she comes outside with her dog to see what the fuck was going on! Gonna take that as a sign that some things are worn out and been blown up and I need to pay attention and move on from them! Begging and pleading for your past back only makes you a bigger bitch, you can’t have it, it is never the same and you are a fool if you think it is! You all know what I am talking about, because we have all tried! The high school sweetheart chose someone else over me and nine months later after he chose someone over her, I tried to go back and got bitch slapped across the face. It wasn’t even close to the same, it was horrible, it was her on egg shells and us trying to work past it, but in the end I tried and I had to walk away. And that is it folks, learning when it is time to walk away and knowing that it will be okay, maybe not perfect, but you meet perfect and let me know, because I’ll show you the biggest fool in the world, even the Lord Jesus Christ himself wasn’t perfect! That was all the sign I needed tonight, knock of the bullshit, get over the shit that you though mattered and move the fuck one, because the next sign might not be a blown out tire at twenty five miles and hours, it might be cancer, it might be worse, you never know……


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