They Don’t Hate You Stupid, It’s A Look Of Dissapointment!

It’s a look of you weren’t just pissing away your hopes and dreams, they put their faith in you too! You know the look, the look of you could have been or done so much more! The look today that I saw in someone’s eyes knowing the same thing I did, that some things are just done and over with! I think the look on both our faces said it all as neither one of us was happy and really sadness was all I could see in her face, it was a direct reflection of mine! In a way I guess I am glad, this is the first time ever since the day it happened that I have seen her and been okay! You see that’s why you can’t ever give up and quit, it took longer than I would have liked and it hurt a whole hell of a lot worse than I thought it would, that said I made it through the other side! It would have killed me, broke me down and wasted weeks, but when I saw it today the only thing that crossed my mind is I can’t waste anymore time, fuck this shit I been wasting my precious days and dwelling on it when she isn’t! Sometimes you just have to let it be and walk away, the ones that really matter will never walk away and it is now your job to quit focusing on what was and start focusing on what is! And what is, is that look of disappointment on their face, do you intend to do anything about it this time?


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